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Some of my signature topics include:
• Personal Empowerment
• How to go within for answers
• Self Awareness
• Personal Growth & Development

Public Speaking

Looking for a public speaker who empowers, motivates and helps promote self awareness? 
Count me in!

Media Guest

Need an engaging guest for your podcast, youtube channel, radio show who can think on her feet, inject humour and educate your audience is a very relatable manner? I'm available!


Interviews, team building, workshops, article writing, content creation, you name it...let's collaborate!
I was recently a guest on the "Highly Sensitive Soul Podcast". I joined host Lisa Matthews and we cover topics like: Feeling overly responsible for other people's discomfort, or happiness. How a person who is worried about disappointing others can actually put themselves first. Saying no, guilt, and breaking the cycle of self-sacrifice. Get your notebooks ready!  Click here to listen. 
Topics I've Covered & Where You've Seen Me!
The Rejection Release Women's Spirit Summit | Virtual Conference
Honouring Yourself In Business  KGT Leadership School | Calgary, AB 
The Sacrifice Wheel In Relationships Retrouvaille International |  Saskatoon, Sk
Harnessing The Power of Personal Responsibility  VP Leadership Retreat | Scottsdale,AZ
Emotional Awareness Mini-Workshop Positive Lifestyles Day | Shaunavon High School
Into The World You Go Graduating Class of 2021 | Shaunavon High School
Choose Yourself Ignite Women's Online Conference | Virtual Conference