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• Create meaningful shifts in your life
• Get clear on what you desire 
• Recognize what is holding you back
• Receive support & move towards where you want to go

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What is a Personal Empowerment Session?
A Personal Empowerment Session allows you to get clear on what you’re ready to let go of and what you want more of.  We’ll make a plan for how to create forward movement, and we‘ll find out for sure if working together is a fit! 
Who do I work with?
Am I too young, or too old to work with you?
I work with ALL Ages! My youngest clients are 13/14 and the rest are all ages! If you have a child younger than 13 who you want support for, I recommend having sessions for yourself. As you change how you relate to and support yourself it will allow for a change in how you relate to and support your child!
Do I have to live near you to work with you?
It doesn't matter where you live! I see clients over Zoom and in person. If you live near me in Shaunavon, SK and would like your sessions in person, that is great! If you prefer Zoom, or are nowhere near me and Zoom is the only option - that is also great! Wherever you are we can make it work!
Do you only work with women?
While the majority of my clients are women, I DO also work with men and anyone else in a human body for that matter. 

I also offer group programs and am in the process of creating one that is set to launch in the first quarter of 2022! Stay tuned! 

How did my journey begin?


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All of my clients are people who are committed to creating change for themselves, and who recognize that they are responsible for their own happiness, sense of self, and experiences.

This modality focuses entirely on YOU and has NOTHING to do with changing anyone else! This is a PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT modality!