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I am a Certified Teacher and Practitioner in the Breath Integration Method of Counselling. I combine my 12+ years of study with my lived experience to give my clients support that transforms! I am passionate about working with people individually and in groups, and I love to speak publicly about the many ways in which change can be simple when it starts within.

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Kind Words

“Before I met Kelsey, I was stuck in a loop. I was striving to do new and interesting things in my life, but I was held back by my old tools and coping mechanisms. When I encountered a new challenge or sticky interpersonal situation, I really wanted to approach it more constructively – I just didn't know how. The result was trying really hard and ending up in the same place over and over again, feeling the same fears and landing in the same traps.

Over twelve sessions, Kelsey uncovered the answers already inside me. Her deep work is a gamechanger and will lead you down roads you never expected to explore, but where deeper knowledge of yourself lives. She taught me how to put new strategies and solutions to use in real time. I had to be brave, and it was well worth it! Her methods allowed me to reconnect with my truth, intuition, and intelligence so that I could approach everything with a new perspective. Now I can't unsee! I feel confident and equipped to face unforeseen challenges that come along my path. I am far more compassionate with myself when I fall on my face, and know how to give myself what I need to stand back up stronger. Through Kelsey's support and encouragement, I have faced a lot of demons and come out the other side with a light and open heart, strong boundaries, and clarity of self. Honestly, there's nothing I can't do.” - Brittany Veenhuysen

“My experience with Kelsey has been nothing but great so far. I started working with Kelsey over 5 years ago initially starting with breath work sessions. At that point in my life it was my first exposure to anything like that. I knew I wasn’t happy but struggled with knowing why and being connected to myself. It started me on a path of self exploration, development and really helped me start peeling off the layers of finding my true authentic self. Throughout the years I have stayed connected and joined her in her workshops. I love Kelsey’s perspective and understanding. She listens and guides without judgement. I know she sees and hears me and gives me the room and permission to be who I am and grow into who I want to be. I would highly recommend working with Kelsey. It was way out of my comfort zone initially when I started but I’m so grateful that I took the leap into diving into my own healing and am so grateful to have started that journey with Kelsey.” ~ Lindsay S.

“Before I came to see Kelsey I felt like I was broken. I had just left an abusive relationship and was struggling to pick up the pieces. I really didn’t know who I was anymore. With Kelsey’s support and guidance I learned how to take back my power and start to find myself again. I learned how to work through my feelings and how to start to let go of the pain. Kelsey’s direct but non-judgemental manner made it easy to talk through the hard stuff and had me stop and consider my perspectives in a way that I hadn’t been able to before. With her assistance I have developed the tools I need to get through life differently and I have found a happy place where I am able to experience peace and acceptance of myself. Kelsey is a very open-minded, understanding, and empathetic person and I felt safe talking to her about anything. As a result of completing her Personal Empowerment Immersion program I feel in control of my own life again! I have found my smile and self confidence once again and I know it was from the work we did together!” ~ Harmony V.

“I was referred to Kelsey from a friend because I was struggling with the loss of my husband after her passed. I was stuck in self-judgement, anxiety, and a little depression. I had never experienced such a loss that totally changed my life as he was my soulmate and my best friend. I was able to talk to Kelsey without holding back, I could tell her exactly how I was feeling and what I was going through, and she often found words for things I was unable to express. She listened to everything I shared and I felt very heard and understood. After I completed her Personal Empowerment Immersion program I felt I could move forward again, with more acceptance of myself and trust in my ability to make good decisions in my life. I would recommend Kelsey as a person who can assist you with whatever you are going through, she is truly gifted and genuinely cares for your wellbeing.” - Jan B

“Before I participated in the Personal Empowerment Immersion Program i was struggling with feeling responsible for other people’s happiness. I learned and I started to really thing about my own emotions and how things felt to ME. I started to do things because they felt good and not because I felt guilty. I am proud of myself for starting to do this work and am very grateful for Kelsey’s guidance. Changes like this take time, Kelsey always made me feel heard and was a great support to me. I look forward to continuing in the Breath Integration Method in the future!” - Leanne

Before I started my breath work and 12 session program with Kelsey, I was not in a very good place. I was struggling with a lot of anxiety, feeling frustrated with myself/the direction my life was going in and very overwhelmed. I couldn’t figure out how to stop living for others, and instead live for myself. Then I was encouraged to join her program and holy crackers did things switch up. Through her program, I learned things like discernment, and that it’s ok to reach out for support. I got TONS of support from Kelsey, and her sessions enabled me to learn/adopt the tools necessary to help myself learn and grown through tough situations, instead of just struggling through them. Now that I’ve completed her program I feel a lot better equipped to deal with the problems life throws at me. - Isabelle

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